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Celebrity Memoirs

A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce, by Alec Baldwin
(St. Martins Press, 2008)

World famous actor Alec Baldwin discusses the personal transformation he had to undergo in order to survive his divorce with actress Kim Basinger. After a long period of turmoil, Baldwin emerged from the pain of loss, separation and alienation with a new vision of life and a renewed sense of his purpose as a man, an actor, an activist and a future political candidate. He offers invaluable words of wisdom for the divorcee, outlining the critical steps one should take if they are to avoid the degradation that the legal processes often create. Baldwin’s book marks a welcomed change in the genre of self-help on divorce, which has formerly been dominated by female authors writing for females. In conjunction with the publication of his book, Mr. Baldwin will lead seminars for men and women on the process of divorce. His book was featured on all major talk shows, including Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer 20/20, 60 Minutes, The View, and Entertainment Tonight. The book was reviewed by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and was featured in the New Yorker and the New York Post. 



What a Time it Was!What a Time it Was! by Jeffrey Lyons (Abbeville Press, 2015) 

Veteran film critic Jeffrey Lyons reveals exclusive anecdotes about actors, filmmakers, diplomats, gangsters, athletes, and larger-than-life characters of New York’s golden age, including Edward Albee, Jerry Lewis, Spencer Tracy, Louis Armstrong, Dorothy Parker, Woody Allen, and Joan Rivers. Lyons is the author of seven books and cohosts the New York City film series Talking Movies.







Britney: Every Step of the Way, by Felicia Culotta
(NAL, 2000)

Felicia Culotta, former chaperone of and now assistant to pop music artist Britney Spears, presents stunning photographs of Ms. Spears in recording studios and on world concert tours with narration about their adventures. The book is a friend's personal scrapbook, containing more than 200 candid shots and a rare glimpse into the exciting and backstage career of a worldwide, mega-singing sensation. Limited print promotion by Ms. Spears. The book sold over 100,000 copies. This book has sold in Canada, as well as other foreign countries.

Catching Heat, by Jim Leyritz, Douglas Lyons, and Jeffrey Lyons
(HCI Books 2011)

This is the inspirational story of a onetime hero-the toast of New York-trying to turn his life around faced by incredible odds to play major league baseball and now faces even greater challenges to redeem himself.   An undrafted amateur, Leyritz not only had a respectable 11-year major league career, but was a 1996 World Series hero when his three-run home run in the 8th inning against the Atlanta Braves tied Game 4 and led to the Yankees' first World Championship since 1978.   He has experienced a son plagued by two terrible diseases, a nasty divorce, a hard-won custody battle, and finally a tragic car accident in Florida in which a woman died. Leyritz was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter. Leyritz maintains his innocence.  Jeffrey Lyons is a film and theater critic and former co-host of NBC's Reel Talk. He is the author of 101 Great Movies for Kids and the coauthor, with Douglas B. Lyons, of Out of Left Field, Curveballs and Screwballs, Short Hops and Foul Tips.  Douglas Lyons, a criminal lawyer, is the author of a book on American history, Baseball Rites and Sites-I Saw it On the Radio With the Boston Red Sox with Joe Castiglione, and From An Orphan To A King with Eddie Feigner.  This is HCI's lead book in 2011. The project was bought by Michelle Mastrisciani is a very nice deal.

Stories My Father Told Me: Notes from 'The Lyons Den,' by Jeffrey Lyons
(Abbeville, 2010)

Stories My Father Told Me: Notes from 'The Lyons Den' is an enlightening compilation of anecdotes from one of New York's most beloved Broadway columns, plus interviews Jeffrey Lyons conducted as a film and theater critic for nearly forty years on TV and radio.  The wide range of subjects and the heretofore unknown aspects of stars' lives will take the reader on an incredible journey. Stories My Father Told Me: Notes from 'The Lyons Den' abounds with anecdotes about J. Edgar Hoover's girlfriend, Marilyn Monroe's sentimental attachment to Frederick March's piano, Ernest Hemingway's advice on how to write a novel, and Groucho Marx's hilarious question to a "“spirit”" at a séance. Jeffrey Lyons is the nationally-known film and theater critic, and former co-host of Sneak Previews (1982-1996 on PBS), MSNBC'S "AT THE MOVIES" (2003-4) and Reel Talk on NBC stations (2005-2009). He is the author of 101 Great Movies for Kids and the coauthor (with his brother Douglas) of three books of baseball history and trivia: Out of Left Field, Curveballs and Screwballs, Short Hops and Foul Tips and Catching Heat: The Jim Leyritz Story. Editor Susan Costello and Bob Abrams.

Send Yourself Roses, by Kathleen Turner in collaboration with Gloria Feldt
(Springboard Press, 2008)

New York Times bestseller Send Yourself Roses is Kathleen Turner's personal story with her unique philosophy of life, a self-styled activism which led her to play some of the most unforgettable and outrageous roles written for women in the history of cinema. Movie buffs will delight in learning the intricate strategies which Turner employed to create a screen identity as a femme fatale who played hard ball, and how her unique concept of woman as protagonist informed her life as well as her film career. Always a leading lady, Turner's advice for women is straightforward, gutsy and to the point: act before you are acted upon. Her co-author, Gloria Feldt, is the author of The War on Choice (Bantum) and Behind Every Choice Is a Story. Feldt served as CEO of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1996-2005. Turner has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show and The O'Reilly Factor. She has also published commentary in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Her performance on Who's Afraid of Virgina Wolff on Broadway and London in 2006 received great acclaim.