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The Magic of MathThe Magic of Math: Solving for x and Figuring out Why by Arthur Benjamin (Basic Books, 2015)

Renowned “mathemagician” Dr. Arthur Benjamin’s new book is a lighthearted exploration of key mathematical ideas. In this last book, The Joy Of Math, Dr. Benjamin, chairman of the math department at Harvey Mudd College sold hundreds of thousands of copies, DVD's and also appeared on several TED talks. Math is all around us; omnipresent when we are selecting a job, making daily financial decisions, or observing the beautiful, intricate patterns of nature. Dr. Benjamin’s objective is to present key mathematical concepts in a way that teachers seldom do, in order to instill a greater love and appreciation of this often feared subject.




JustinMassive: The Future of Learning at Scale by Justin Reich (Harvard University Press, 2018)

Reich examines the past, present, and future of large-scale learning environments: situations with many students and few experts to guide them. From Massive Open Online Courses to intelligent tutors to interest-driven social networks, learning increasingly takes place alone at screens among crowds of online learners. Justin Reich is an educational researcher interested in the future of learning in a networked world. He is the Richard L. Menschel HarvardX Research Fellow, based in the Office of the President and Provost at Harvard University. Through this position he explores the possibilities and limits of online learning through the HarvardX platform. Justin is also the co-founder of EdTechTeacher.




The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause by Nurse Barbara Dehn (Basic Health Publications, 2014)

The Hot Guide to a Cool Sexy Menopause helps women embrace the menopause experience with knowing smiles and empowering tools, rather than grimacing and accepting what mothers and grandmothers endured. Nurse Barb is a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in the San Francisco Bay area in Silicon Valley. Barb is a popular guest lecturer at Stanford University and keynote presenter at conferences. She’s also the award-winning author of Your Personal Guides to Health, used by over 3.5 million women across the country.




Extraordinary Hearts: A Journey of Cardiac Medicine and the Human Spirit by Dr. John Elefteriades (Berkley Books)

Dr. Elefteriades, one of the most respected cardiac surgeons in America, has treated over 10,000 patients in his distinguished career. Now, for the first time, he shares fascinating stories of his most memorable patients and cases--patients who have challenged him technically and moved him emotionally, patients who have enriched his life and expanded his horizons while he cared for their hearts. By detailing heart conditions and cardiac reparative procedures with specific yet accessible medical narratives, Dr. Elefteriades encapsulates the beauty, complexity, and majesty of the human heart. John A. Elefteriades, MD, holds the William W.L. Glenn Endowed Chair in Cardiothoracic Surgery and is Professor of Surgery and Director of the Aortic Institute at Yale University and Yale New-Haven Hospital.




Free Spirit, Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid, by Joshua Safran
(Hyperion, 2013)

Well-known social justice lawyer Joshua Safran has garnered national recognition for his heroic advocacy on behalf of battered women. His outlandish childhood and remarkable triumph over adversity are the backstory to the film, Crime After Crime, documenting Safran's seven-year struggle to free a wrongfully imprisoned survivor of domestic violence. The award-winning film, an Official Selection at this year's Sundance Film Festival, was recently purchased by the Oprah Winfrey Network. Now Safran is chronicling the exceptional story of his countercultural and abusive childhood in a forthcoming memoir to be published by Hyperion Books. His stories are compelling and humorous, illustrating a remarkable childhood living off-the-grid in the rural West amongst revolutionaries and rednecks, hippies and artists, lunatics and violent alcoholics. Safran's inspiring journey out of the wilderness of chaos, paganism, and poverty is guided by his unlikely reconnection with the God of his Hebrew ancestors and his emerging revelation that mainstream society is not the evil empire he was taught to fear.




Text Box:  Reel Fulfillment: Transforming Your Life Through Movies, by Dr. Maria Grace
(McGraw- Hill, 2005)

Reel Fulfillment: Transforming Your Life Through Movies responds to many of the demands present in current American society, incorporating meditation, weekly and daily exercises, and elements of popular culture. Dr. Grace's approach is to use popular films to help people face the elements in their lives that impede the experience of joy. Grace employs her background in classics and myth in the application of film. Her Ph.D. - also in counseling - is from McGill University in Montreal. Dr. Grace has taught Transforming Your Life Through Movies: A Modern Method for Self-Discovery to large audiences in both New York and Austin with positive results. She appeared in Oprah Magazine.


Seeing Alzheimer's Differently: Love, Loss, and Laughter, by Cathy Greenblat
(Lyons Press, 2012)

Cathy Greenblat challenges the dominant images of people with dementia as “empty shells.” Seeing Alzheimer's Differently: Love, Loss and Laughter offers a positive vision of what person-centered care can achieve and speaks to the universal fears of aging and memory decay. Love, Loss and Laughter provides personal anecdotes, poetry, and insightful statements from an international group of care partners, researchers, medical experts, social care providers, activists, and people with dementia themselves. 150 color photographs from 5 countries accompany the narrative.




Test Pilot, by Stanley Kaplan
(Simon & Schuster, 2001)

Stanley Kaplan has been the world leader in test preparation for the past sixty years. In a time when it was thought impossible to improve scores on standardized tests through tutoring, Kaplan started out as a tutor in his home in Brooklyn, New York. From there, he built a mega-educational testing business known throughout the world which he sold to The Washington Post 20 years ago. He provides insights into standardized tests and testing issues and is considered one of the leading experts on education today. The book sold in Canada and other foreign countries.





Uncommon Voyage: Parenting a Special Needs Child, by Laura Shapiro Kramer
(Faber and Faber, 1996)

This book chronicles the saga of Laura Shapiro Kramer's struggle with her son Seth's cerebral palsy and her search for alternative treatments in the face of an uncomprehending medical establishment. Uncommon Voyage went into a second edition in 2001 (North Atlantic Books) to redefine the complementary treatments as well as discuss new solutions to dealing with this debilitating disease. It has sold in Canada. Hardcover and softcover editions.





Predictions for the Next Millennium, by David Kristof & Todd Nickerson
(Andrews McNeel Publishing 1999)

More than 250 world celebrities offer their insights for the next one thousand years. With contributors such as Oliver Stone, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nadia Comaneci, George Harrison, Norman Schwarzkopf, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Predictions for the Next Millennium combines fascinating messages with brief celebrity biographies and professional photographs. The authors appeared on Good Morning America and were featured in exhibitions in conjunction with the Empire State Building and the Trump organization. The book has sold in Canada and other foreign countries.



Tackling College Admissions: Sanity + Strategy = Success by Cheryl Paradis and Faren R. Siminoff
(Rowman & Little, 2008)

Every year millions of parents and teens begin the arduous college admissions process. For parents, the path to the college admission's finish line is littered with obstacles and hurdles of all kinds—some anticipated and some completely unforeseen. These may include a child's uneven academic record, some disciplinary problems in high school, or a simply unproductive or oppositional approach to the college admissions process. Tackling College Admissions: Sanity + Strategy = Success empowers parents to effectively partner with their child to secure acceptance at an appropriate high-quality institution despite any of these setbacks. Dr. Paradis is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Marymount Manhattan College and teaches courses in Child Development and Abnormal Psychology. Faren R. Siminoff, is an attorney and historian and she regularly counsels students about college transfer options at a community college.




How to Hug a Porcupine, by Julie A. Ross
(McGraw Hill, 2008)

Ross addresses the concerns of parents during the tricky “tween” years. Middle School is a minefield of changing bodies, values and attitudes, and parents of these millions of children are often desperate for practical advice on how to navigate the murky and sometimes turbulent Middle School years. Drawing from real life cases during her 18 years as a parenting expert, counselor, author (and the mother of two teenagers), Practical Parenting Skills for the Middle School Years offers many humorous and moving anecdotes, focusing on time-tested and practical skills that parents need as their children move through this tumultuous time. Julie Ross is the author of Practical Parenting for the 21st Century: The Manual you Wish Had Come With Your Child, and Joint Custody With A Jerk: Raising a Child With an Uncooperative Ex Now What Do I Do?, and A Guide to Parenting Elementary Aged Children. Reviewed by: Publisher’s Weekly and featured in The Wall Street Journal. Appearances on Oprah & Friends Radio and the Dr. Alvin Jones show.




Mean Mothers, by Peg Streep
(Harper Collins, 2009)

Peg Streep is an accomplished writer on women’s issues and spirituality, including her national bestselling inspirational memoir Necessary Journeys: Letting ourselves learn from Life, and Adolescence with Nancy Snyderman, MD (Hyperion 2002), which was serialized in Good Housekeeping. The book is a collection of true personal stories about the daughters of mean mothers, including Ms. Streep’s own battle with her fears of motherhood. Ms. Streep highlights the success of real mothers who have overcome their fears and statistical inclination to parent in the fashion of their mean mothers to find that they are not only good mothers, but that motherhood can be a deeply satisfying experiences. Appearance on ABC's Good Morning America.




Hardwiring Behavior: What Neuroscience Means for Morality, by Dr. Laurence Tancredi
(Cambridge University Press, 2005)

This book introduces recent breakthroughs in brain research to significantly further the age-long debate about whether criminality is biologically determined or is a failure of socialization. Proponents of both sides of this "nature/nurture" debate have agreed that criminal behavior results from some combination of the two. Recent discoveries in neuroscience lend credence to the idea that man's capacity for moral responsibility has genetic and biological antecedents, with revolutionary consequences for criminal law and public policy. MD JD Psychiatrist-lawyer Dr. Laurence Tancredi, a Clinical Psychiatrist at New York University School of Medicine, has also written Dangerous Diagnostics (Basic Books 1989, 1994) and Legal Issues in Psychiatric Care (Harper Collins, 1975). As a forensic psychiatric consultant, he has worked on a wide variety of psychiatric issues including criminal trials for assault, rape, and homicide. Hardwiring Behavior: What Neuroscience Means for Morality is a groundbreaking book aimed at a popular audience with varied interests including biology, criminology, law, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. Japanese rights sold, 2008. The Evil Mind - available.