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Turpen Time by Michael Turpen (Tate Publishing, 2014)

Turpen Time contains 50 powerful life lessons for young and old, and for those in both the low and high places of life. Michael C. Turpen is a former Attorney General of the State of Oklahoma, and is the co-host of the long-running, award winning television show Flash Point. In Turpen Time, Michael Turpen offers life lessons in the form of short stories, each woven around a witty one-liner. He presently practices law in Oklahoma City and is sought ater nationally as a public speaker. Mike Turpen is a tour de force, with 50,000 dedicated NBC followers for his co-hosted talk show, dozens of cross-country speaking engagements annually and board service on institutions that represent tens of millions of citizens.

To Life: 36 Stories of Memory and Hope, Foreword by Robert M. Morgenthau, Preface and Historical Essay by David G. Marwell, Ph.D.
(Bulfinch Press, 2002)

A collection of stories and images from New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. Features tales of courage and hope as present in the lives, faces, and voices of ordinary people living in the face of adversity in 20th century Jewish life. The paperback edition will be coordinated with a major public relations event focusing on the opening of the new wing in Battery Park City 2003. It has been sold in Canada

God Speaks, by Charles Robb
(Random House, 2000)

Charles Robb was responsible for developing an advertising campaign for an anonymous client to bring people back to religion. The result was a humorous, thought-provoking, non-denominational series of messages from God run on billboards in the late 1990's. It created such a positive response that the Outdoor Advertising Association of America picked it as its public-service campaign for the year and ran them in 200 cities nationwide. They were featured on The Today Show and ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. Mr. Robb undertook a six-city tour, including appearances on major morning television shows to promote his book, and God Speaks sold over 100,000 copies. The book sold in Canada and other foreign countries.

Nine Contemporary Jewish Plays, Edited by Ellen Schiff and Michael Posnick
(University of Texas Press, Fall 2005)

Opening with a preface by the celebrated actor, Theodore Bikel, long-time chair of the National Foundation for Jewish Culture's (NFJC) Artistic Advisory Committee, this anthology presents nine plays illustrating a variety of dramatic styles and traditions, each refreshing "understanding of contemporary Jewish theatre." Other works reflect social an political concerns in the United States and in Israel, as well as the complex implications and responsibilities of multiple cultural identities. Dr. Schiff's publications include Awake and Singing: Six Classic Plays from the American Jewish Repertoire. Mr. Posnick, Director of the Department of Dance & Theater at Manhattanville College, has been the Theater Consultant for the New Play Commissions since their inception.

Faxes to God, by Dr. Joyce Starr
(Harper Collins, 1995)

A compilation of letters to God from adults and children all over the world. These personal messages filled with prayers of thanksgiving of all ages and faiths, to the Western Wall of Jerusalem was recognized on all the major news shows. Faxes to God took root when the Israeli telephone company, Bezeq, installed a special fax line service in 1993, making it possible to fax a message to God directly to Jerusalem, where it was then safely tucked in the Western Wall.