Submission Guidelines

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Karen Gantz Literary Management of New York City works with authors of all genres but specializes in non-fiction. At this time, we are accepting query letters and summaries by e-mail only. If we decide to review your manuscript, we will request that you send a submission by postal mail according to the guidelines set forth below. Response time varies but typically takes four weeks.

E-mail address

Please send your query letter and summary to:

Cover Letter and Summary Requirements:
Non-Fiction and Fiction

  • Date
  • Author's Name
  • Author's mailing address
  • Author's e-mail address
  • Author's telephone number(s)
  • Working title of manuscript and alternative titles
  • Summary of the book (1-2 pages)
  • Statement of the progress of the manuscript status (whether it is in the initial stages, is complete or is finished but requires fact-checking, etc.)
  • Estimated word count of completed manuscript

Manuscript Submission Requirements:
Non-Fiction and Fiction

  • A cover letter that includes all of the information listed above in the guidelines
  • Clever title of the book as well as alternative titles of the book
  • A book proposal including the following:
    1. Objective
    2. Description of the contents of the book
    3. Author - a short description only (not a curriculum vitae) that includes:
      • Credentials and that qualify the author to write about the topic of the book and recognition (e.g. awards) the author has received.
      • Previous publication(s)
      • Publicity about the author
    4. Target audience and why readers would find the book compelling
    5. List other books in the same genre that could be considered competitors of the book. State how your book differs from the other books and why your book would sell.
    6. Marketing strategies and resources for the promotion of the book. Please include any media contacts you may have.
    7. Blurbs for the book, the names of individuals who would be willing to review the book, the names of individuals who would conduct interviews, etc.
    8. Table of contents
    9. Sample chapter. It must be double spaced, 12 pitch font, with page numbers on every page.
    10. Brief summary of each chapter of the book

What You Can Expect After Submitting:

All submissions will receive a response from us. Please do not contact us to find out the status of your submission unless eight weeks have passed since your submission.

Upon our request, you may send a submission by postal mail. It should include the following:

  1. Self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) if you would like your work returned
  2. If you wish to include other items such as photographs, videos/DVDs or newspaper articles, please send us copies and not originals
  3. Cover letter and synopsis

Please allow us four weeks to review your full work. If we do not respond within four weeks, please send an email inquiring about your submission.